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== ACPI tables ==
== ACPI tables ==
* [[EeePC 1215N/DSDT|DSDT]]
* [[Asus EeePC 1215N/DSDT|DSDT]]

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Integrated card
Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:a001] (rev 02)
PCI slot 00:02.0
Discrete card
nVidia Corporation Device [10de:0a76] (rev a2)
PCI slot 04:00.0

ACPI calls

Preparing to switch off

This call is mandatory before switching off. Call _SB.PCI0.P0P4.GFX0._DSM with the following parameters:

  • {0xF8,0xD8,0x86,0xA4,0xDA,0x0B,0x1B,0x47,0xA7,0x2B,0x60,0x42,0xA6,0xB5,0xBE,0xE0}
  • 0x100
  • 0x1A
  • {0x1,0x0,0x0,0x3}

The call will return one of the following values:

  • {0x59,0x0,0x0,0x11}: OK to turn off
  • {0x41,0x0,0x0,0x11}: discrete card already off

Switching off

To switch OFF, call the preparation method first (see above), then call _SB.PCI0.P0P4.GFX0._PS3. Switching off lowers the battery discharging rate by around 200mA, giving 10 to 15% more battery life. The card must be switched on again before changing power state (ie. rebooting, powering off or sleeping), or the machine will hang.

Switching on

To switch ON, call _SB.PCI0.P0P4.GFX0._PS0.

Querying power state

To query the discrete card power state, call _SB.PCI0.P0P4.GFX0._PSC. It will return one of the following values:

  • 0x0: the card is on (PS0)
  • 0x3: the card is off (PS3)

ACPI tables

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