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The Asus Switcheroo module can be obtained at:

Script-based solution ( by )

The script-based system includes several files, and allows automatic switching between intel and nvidia, at least on pre-optimus UL30VT.

Here is how it works:

  1. User writes either "intel" or "nvidia" to /home/user/switcheroo.txt.
  2. Script detects this and waits for the user to log out (detected as user's gnome-session not running)
  3. Turns off gdm3 (debian) or gdm (ubuntu).
  4. Uses the awilliam module (asus-switcheroo) to switch to the desired card.
  5. Uses acpi_call to turn off nvidia if required
  6. Links appropriate version of and, and xorg.conf so that X and openGL apps can find them
  7. Starts gdm again.


  • my xorg.conf files for both cards.
  • display-settings, the script that does one-shot card switching depending on switcheroo.txt, and runs at boot so that the last selected card will be used
  •, the script that monitors switcheroo.txt and calls display-settings when no user session is running
  • graphics-switch-daemon, the script that starts on the background at boot
  • an example switcheroo.txt.

Hopefully comprehensive installation procedure:


In cloned acpi_call git compile acpi_call, and then

sudo cp acpi_call.ko into /lib/modules/$( uname -r )/kernel/drivers/acpi/
sudo depmod -a


  • In cloned asus-switcheroo git, do sudo make install-ubuntu
  • Make sure that both /etc/modules and /etc/initramfs-tools/modules have the lines: asus_switcheroo dummy_client=1 i915_jprobe

xorg.conf files:

  • IMPORTANT: If your PCI ID's are different, please modify. See lspci for the numbers.
  • sudo cp xorg.conf.nvidia /etc/X11/

To get nice notifications for scheduled switches:

sudo apt-get install notify-osd

Finally, my scripts:

  • Make sure that U=your-user-name in the scripts
  • Make sure that SESSION=your-session in the scripts (for example gnome-session or startx or ... )
sudo cp graphics-switch-daemon display-settings /etc/init.d/.
sudo update-rc.d display-settings defaults
sudo update-rc.d graphics-switch-daemon defaults

These should run on Ubuntu and Debian, tested on Linux Mint Debian. Change the user (U=user) to your user.

      • ====Attachments====***

asus-switcheroo display-settings


asus-switcheroo graphics-switch-daemon


asus-switcheroo xorg.conf-nvidia

asus-switcheroo switcheroo.txt

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