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What computer manufacturers developed on Windows

The aim of using two graphic cards is mainly to provide a good compromise between a powerful card whose power in needed only when running demanding programs, and an integrated card, which would not be well suited for those usages. On Windows, the load between the discrete and the integrated card is automaticly balanced, when the right drivers are installed.

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How to make it work under Linux

Graphics under Linux

At startup, the Linux kernel starts using a video mode and setting up low-level graphic drivers which will be used by the applications. Most of the Linux distributions then use to create a graphical environment. Finally, a few other softwares are launched, first a login manager and then a window manager, and so on. This hierarchical system has been designed to be used in most of cases on a single graphic card.

Hi Graham,Do you use the 5 driver moedls as your primary monitors? I have always been told that 5 drivers just don't put out enough bass to give you an honest depiction of your mix, and that you'd need to add a subwoofer to use them as your main mixing speakers.I would love for this axiom to be false, because it could save me some money, or bring some speakers into my price range that were too expensive as a 6.5 or 8 model. I am completely open to the idea that this is another myth of recording that has been made fact by what do you think? Does a 5 driver put out enough bass? Or should I go with a 6.5 or 8 speaker?

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